Charter Members

The following individuals are included in the application for chartering the Rotary Club of Tiburon Sunset and are considered Charter Members:


* Jim Bryant, President, Manufacturer's Representative

* Chris Morrison, Secretary, Philately-Numismatic

Father George Johson, Treasurer, Christianity

Harris Dexter, Transportation, Private

* Bob Morey, Reinsurance

Keith Morrison, Regional Planning

Earl Reilly, Conservatorship

*Carolyn Friedman, Psychology

Dave Ferguson, Insurance

Bob Lindemann, Jewelry

Peter Berg, Architecture

Pete Friedman, Vintner

*Bill Kuhns, Attorney at Law

Carl Dwyer, Music, Retail

Christina Bergquist, Environmental Engineering

David Evans, Music, Wholesale

Bob Mann, Hardware

Frank de Simone, Restaurateur

*Dave Bennett, Accounting

Peter Phillips, Painting

Judy Ward, Cosmetology

Larry Wilkerson, Data Processing, Hardware

Lawrie Guiness, Data Processing, Software

*Dick deNezza, Real Estate Development

Walter Strakosch, Transportation, Public

Ralph Giovaniello, Education, Private

Terri Goacher, Banking

Klaus Meinberg, Baking


*Seven (7) Charter Members are also current Active Members




Dave Peck

Jimmy Liu

Bob Kane